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Program questions

What is the TPS Accelerated Payment Program?

The TPS Accelerated Payment Program delivers fast invoice payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) and daily payment processing in exchange for a small fee/discount amount.

How will the TPS Accelerated Payment Program benefit my business?

In addition to getting invoices paid earlier, the Program offers your business many other benefits including increased cash flow, daily rather than weekly payments, detailed remittance advice available online, dedicated customer service team for payment inquiries and early warning of mismatched invoices.

Who should I contact with questions regarding product prices or quantities?

Please direct questions regarding product price or quantity to your client or the plant/facility in which materials or services were delivered.

Who should I contact with questions regarding payments?

Most of your questions will be answered in the FAQ, Glossary and other pages of the web site. If you still cannot find an answer please contact TPS Customer Service via e-mail (info@getps.com).

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact TPS Customer Service (info@getps.com) for any questions.

Site Functionality

Who should I contact if I forget or need to change my password and user ID?

You can reset your password and user ID by contacting the Program Administrator in your company. If you do not know who your internal Program Administrator is, you can contact TPS Customer Service via e-mail (info@getps.com).

How can I download invoice data?

Select the download button on the Invoice/Payment Inquiry page of this website. The data will be stored in CSV format in the file folder you specify. Files in CSV format can be opened in most spreadsheet applications.

How can I add more users for this web site?

You can add users for this website by contacting your Program Administrator or by contacting TPS Customer Service via e-mail (info@getps.com).

How do I treat the VAT in case of Reductions?

See invoice details on this site and communication sent to you by TPS and/or your client. The invoice details can be seen by logging into the secured part of the website, navigating to the invoice overview and clicking on a specific invoice number. A new window will pop-up.

What should I do when I do not find a payment using the Search options?

Please try again using another search options or contact customer service contact TPS Customer Service via e-mail (info@getps.com).

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