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In a tough economic environment where suppliers want early payment and their customers want to preserve working capital, the TPS Accelerated Payment Program (‘Program’) allows participating suppliers to improve their financial position, without recourse to existing credit lines. The Program pays all approved invoices early and in full, less a reduction.

Many suppliers are already realizing the benefits of the Program. Through electronic funds transfers, the Program results in significant reductions in your accounts receivable outstanding, and can considerably lower your collection and administrative costs. Additional benefits to you of the Program include:

  • · Improved cash flow
  • · Reduced days of sales outstanding
  • · Daily payments
  • · Early warning for mismatched invoices
  • · Prioritized invoice processing routines
  • · Detailed remittance advice
  • · Dedicated Customer Service team for payment inquiries

Suppliers continue to invoice their customer in the same way as usual: no changes to normal business practices or processes are required.

TPS‘ Program Managers work closely with clients to ensure that Accounts Payable processes expedite the early approval of invoices. As soon as an invoice has been approved, TPS initiates payment.

For more information about the Accelerated Payment Program, please click here to contact TPS.